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Salesforce Source Control Options

Salesforce Source Control is the tracking of changes to the source (or code) of a solution. Source Control can, and does, apply to more than just your solutions code. We can also use Source Control for things like documents, configuration files, images, html files, etc.  Source Control is also known as Version Control, Revision Control, [...]

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Pardot User Assignment Options

Pardot is a powerful marketing platform with a ton of functionality. One, in particular, is User Assignment. There are a bunch options when it comes to Pardot User Assignment and we'll explore them including an interesting feature to even perform Round Robin assignment. Assigning Users to Prospects Pardot can leverage a number of ways to [...]

Salesforce Test Coverage Annotations

Developers who write Salesforce Apex logic understand the importance of Salesforce Test Coverage. Without Test Coverage, deploying to production is not possible. The average Salesforce Test Coverage across all classes needs to be at least 75%. In fact some development teams are so focused on testing they actually use a process called Test driven development. [...]

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Pardot Automation Tools – The Basics

Pardot is a powerful marketing platform which includes 4 advanced Automation tools. Although each of these Pardot Automation tools deserves its own blog post, today we're going to introduce the 4 tools and learn about how to select the right one.   Main Pardot Automation Tools Here are the 4 Automation Tools available for use with Prospects. Automation [...]

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Salesforce Named Credentials: An Introduction

Although Named Credentials were introduced a few releases ago, I recently discovered their usefulness. Named Credentials allow you to define the key details for the authentication of an endpoint. What's really interesting about Named Credentials is that if you use it when making a callout, Salesforce will manage the authentication for that callout. The full [...]

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Salesforce SMTP Email Relay and Authentication

The use of an Email Relay inside of Salesforce can solve a lot of issues. If you're not familiar with Email Relay servers, it's a simple concept. Using an Email Relay allows you to channel all email traffic sent from a system (Salesforce in our case) out through one point. You might be wondering why [...]

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Salesforce TLS 1.0 Encryption Protocol Disablement

Salesforce will stop supporting the TLS 1.0 encryption protocol, world-wide on all instances, starting March 4, 2017. This change is easy to miss or ignore, however it’s impact will not be. Once Salesforce TLS 1.0 is disabled, mechanisms using this encryption will literally stop working unless you’ve done your due diligence.   What is TLS? [...]

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