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The world’s population is growing faster than ever and is expected to reach 10 billion within the next thirty years. (1) The reduced availability of tillable land combined with the increased demand for healthy, chemical-free foods is forcing growers to use new technologies and lean on big data to help make better business decisions. The digitalization of agribusiness significantly helps optimize seed selection, irrigation, fertilization, and crop protection.

Salesforce’s customer relationship management software for the agriculture industry allows farmers to store and follow up on customer leads to facilitate finding new customers, while tracking customer behavior, crop data, weather impacts, crop disease, as well as usage and service costs of related products and services. The marketing side of Salesforce will help you build personalized messaging to cultivate better relationships with both your buyers and partners in the supply chain. In the agriculture industry relationships are key, especially the need to maintain long-term relationships with your buyers, agents and supply chain partners, while providing value to customers, increasing their loyalty and earning their mutual trust in your product.

Cirrius Solutions understands the complex ecosystem of farming equipment manufacturers, food processors, and agrichemical growers. We have built trusted relationships with many companies in the agribusiness ecosystem – from origination, trading and food processing to agrichemical companies, farm machinery and equipment manufacturers.

We are a leader in building digital business processes for the agricultural sector starting with the grower all the way through to the retailer and end-consumer. We help farmers and manufactures realize better agricultural outcomes, maintain better relationships with customers, make informed decisions driven by data, and efficiently manage inventory to increase profitability.

Key Improvement Areas:

  • Improved sales processes allow sales teams to access customer and grower data, making them better relationship managers
  • Utilize your own Salesforce data to help plan and prepare for market and price volatility
  • Leverage predictive analytics and simulations to enable optimized risk mitigation strategies
  • Optimize the end-to-end agribusiness supply chain & business networks
  • Use data in the CRM to more easily apply for government grants
  • Create transparent and sustainable food supply chains with better visibility for consumers
  • Manage outsourcing partners and subcontractors
  • Gain mobile access to data that can increase visibility and overall efficiencies

How We Can Help:

  • Build a better customer experience to successfully market products and services at all stages of the agricultural supply chain
  • Leverage and customize applications that let farmers control, monitor, and service their farms on mobile devices.
  • Optimize supplier collaboration across all spend categories (manufactures, producers, and distributors)
  • Create precision algorithms that optimize agricultural production activities and give you a competitive advantage
  • Simplify your back-office core business processes and logistics
  • Manage all aspects of growing operations, including land block, harvest details and attributes and pre-planning through post-harvest cleanup and reporting
  • Track crop estimates, monitor maturity dates, check historical records of crops grown on the land, and manage pricing from the same integrated platform
  • Automate quality control with data capture, monitoring and reporting to make product recall procedures more efficient
  • Help agricultural equipment manufacturers with marketing and better visibility into the sales funnel
  • Streamline regulatory compliance with simplified record keeping
  • Introduce Internet of Things (IoT) to remotely diagnose issues in the field using sensors, drones and other mobile technologies
  • Create a system that allows all of your data to flow into a single platform, unifying information for farmers, customers, and prospects
  • View farm operation details including crop mix and gross farm income
  • Capture and track entire crop and livestock mix
  • Manage machine inventory and upcoming maintenance with automated reminders
  • Analyze crop data to look at ways to increase yield and profitability
  • Leverage predictive analytics and advanced forecasting

The digital transformation of the agriculture industry is giving agribusiness the opportunity to open up visibility and tracking of their entire logistical operations.  Our vision is to transform and grow your business using new business applications so you can meet the challenges of the new digital economy.

Citation: World Population Prospects 2015 revision, United Nations, page 7
Agribusiness Salesforce Management

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