Salesforce Marketing Cloud Implementation

Whether you are a current user of with advanced Marketing Automation or just starting to consider the platform,we can help you achieve success through revenue-based performance management. Cirrius consultants can assist with marketing systems selection, implementation, and sales & marketing alignment.  Our Solutions Services teams can help you evolve your marketing organization into the digital world. This transformation allows you to take advantage of the power of Salesforce by creating a 360 degree view of your customers through various marketing automation platforms.

We know how to integrate the Salesforce Marketing Cloud into your existing sales processes from an end-to-end perspective to drive unprecedented performance. Direct sales organizations need marketing to succeed and marketing organizations need the engagement and insights of sales and sales leadership to fully understand the challenges in the marketplace. Our Salesforce consultants know how to get global organizations aligned and focused on these shared objectives.

We have extensive experience in helping firms configure and deploy the marketing cloud to achieve the highest level of business impact and adoption. Our Salesforce consultants understand the value of effective marketing and have helped companies of all sizes integrate with various marketing systems.

>>  Get the most out of Customization and Marketing Optimization
>> Track your campaign ROI
>> Integrate with mass email marketing tools
>> Trace and measure social conversations
>> Leverage Cloud social media tools to learn more about your customers
>> Website integration

At Cirrius Solutions we can help you quickly set up and optimize the Salesforce Marketing Cloud to meet your company’s needs. By first assessing your long and short-term objectives, we are able to find the best solution to help take your company’s direct marketing programs to the next level through best-in-class marketing automation.


We will help you create a marketing plan with a target audience and effective campaigns that will continue to evolve as your data does and the evaluation process will start all over again. This will ensure you are always communicating the relevant information, in a timely manner, to the right audience, using the correct channels.

Monitor and Optimize

We will help you optimize the technology and automate your marketing processes. Cirrius consultants will help choose and implement the right platform and complementary technologies to meet your marketing and sales objectives.

Measure and Evolve

We will provide the tools to test and measure the benefit of your overall marketing strategy while creating a powerful conversion engine. This will result in improved sales insights that contribute to the alignment between sales and marketing teams, intelligent lead management and ultimately higher sales.

Extend Reach
Our consultants will show you how to reach customers on any device and channel with advertising powered by identity based targeting via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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