SalesForce Health Cloud Solutions

Cirrius Solutions is the leading Salesforce partner in creating user-friendly, cloud-based solutions for managing both patient and laboratory data in the healthcare and life sciences industries. Our Salesforce consultants will show you how to deploy simple technologies to save time so that you can focus on helping your patients.   We will show you how to modernize the customer experience using portals for easy interaction with providers, test results, upcoming appointments, needed medications and real-time messaging.  Salesforce is the world’s most secure cloud computing platform trusted by millions of users including many in the life sciences and healthcare industries. The Cirrius team can help you create tailored solutions for your unique environment that will provide a truly modern patient experience.

Real-time Collaboration

Enhance collaboration between providers, patients, family members and back-office teams instantaneously and efficiently.

Case Management

Customer healthcare functionality will create and prioritize tasks, segment patients lists and automate workflow reminders & notifications.

Predictive Analytics 

Use existing information to achieve data driven results. Report on progress with easily customized reports and dashboards.

Gain Visibility

Utilize proven solutions to get a complete 360 degree view of patient data from electronic health records (EHRs), medical devices, and wearables.

Patient Collaboration

Interact with patients faster and more comprehensively with an intuitive portal that provides a one-stop shop for doctors and patients to collaborate on appointments, medical records, results, billing/insurance, and real-time messaging.

Patient Management

Our consultants can help you setup smart patient management tools that help care teams and providers focus on the patients and tasks that need the most attention.

Laboratory Solutions

Project Creation

Create specific projects to organize your core lab requests and experiments.

Sample Tracking

Automate the tracking of samples with full workflow accountability with automated notifications for next steps.

Custom Component Management

Quickly build custom solutions to track any part of your business such as experiments, custom tests, instruments, protocols, supplies, and more.

Secure Communication

Collaborate with third parties using secure portals to share results.

Inventory Management

Monitor lab inventories and stocking levels with automated notifications for re-orders.

Workflow Management

Streamline the full life cycle of the laboratory process from submission to delivery and replace redundant manual tasks.

Medical Device Solutions

Track Development

Provide solutions that streamline new development projects, align with operations, and meet client needs from the same system to deliver simpler, more reliable products.

Increase Internal Communication

Create secure portals to share new ideas, provider requests, testing results and feedback.

External Communication

Provide innovative ways to engage with patients, physicians, and partners privately and securely.

Customer Service

Quickly and efficiently respond to device issues, streamline remediation, provide real-time monitoring and multi-channel responses.

Platform Benefits

Secure Communication

Built on the most secure cloud computing platform trusted by millions of users world-wide.

Powerful Analytics

Create reports & dashboards for easy monitoring of the status of experiments and samples.

Mobile Access

Allow access to all data via mobile devices, iPads and other portable devices.

Community Portals

Provide customers, patients & partners safe and secure collaboration using portals to create submissions, track results and share information.

Support Compliance

Supports CLIA and HIPAA compliance guidelines.

Integration Ready
Salesforce APIs are ready for seamless integrations with all major platforms to provide one interface for viewing 100% of all patient information.

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