Service Cloud Implementation

The Salesforce Service Cloud implemented by our seasoned experts will transform your service cases from a maintenance event to a revenue producing touchpoint opportunity. We know, from experience, that your customers are not willing to wait for service support. They want it immediately and they are willing to pay a significant premium for an immediate response. The new generation of users expect service to be provided 24/7 via their preferred channel. Service organizations must deliver exceptional, high-touch service with short wait times, high first-call resolution, extended support hours, and access to experts around the clock or risk losing a client to the competitor.

Some of the important benefits have been outlined below:
>> Improved your service agent productivity with faster case resolution time
>> Increased your customer retention and customer satisfaction
>> Provide Real-time collaboration with your customers and internal resources
>> Real-time insight of your key support metrics via mobile devices
>> Automated phone support for easily recognizing your customers
>> Creation of knowledge base for your customer self-service users
>> Proactively respond to customers through the customer’s preferred social channel(s)
>> Record call history, call recordings, emails, call duration and purchase history easily viewable
>> Greater integration with your back-office applications

Salesforce Service Cloud will reduce service costs, decrease case resolution times, and ultimately improve customer satisfaction. Cirrius Solutions provides a full portfolio of services utilizing best practices and a proven implementation methodology. Customers can either tailor their implementation with a customized deployment plan based on internal processes or utilize a proven industry-specific blueprint.

Customer Satisfaction
The Service Cloud will help you facilitate robust and meaningful communications, regardless of who might be responding to a particular customer. Cirrius Solutions provides proactive, customer-centric solutions to help ensure that customers can go from where they are, to where they want to be, as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Increase Customer Agent Productivity

The Cirrius team will help you use service data to identify and fix the root cause of issues before customers even notice. Multi-channel engagement makes it easy to manage complex customer relationships. You can track and visualize the operational health of the products and services in your client base in real-time and offer self-service to reduce call volume.

Increase Profitability

We follow a blueprint to help progressive customer service organizations build solutions for responding to customer inquiries while at the same time utilizing these touch points to offer customers additional products and services based on that customer’s profile.

Employee Engagement

We believe that there is a strong connection between happy service agents and customer satisfaction. By providing your agents with one application to do their job and by making it accessible from anywhere, your team is able to respond to customer inquiries quickly and accurately.

The Salesforce Service Cloud provides the tools for your service organization to communicate more effectively using one system in which they track and process work. The Cirrus Solutions service cloud certified consultants will build solutions will help your company implement service cloud solutions, which can drive customer satisfaction through various attractive features like Lightning Console, Salesforce Knowledge, Live Agent, Call Center Management, CTI Implementation, Wave Analytics, and Customer Communities. Our goal is to get everyone working together in real time to enhance productivity, speed decision making, and drive collaboration.

Case Management

The Service Cloud offers a Service Console which allows you to prioritize your cases by source, date, urgency, and product topics. Based on this criteria, you can auto assign cases to your team members to resolve. Stay organized with every case that hits your console to reduce your resolution time.

Service Wave Analytics

Track and gain visibility into case management, channel optimization and agent efficiency with ease. Measure service reps who are closing the most cases, first call resolution, customer service satisfaction scores, incidents by category all visible from your mobile devices.

Social Interactions

Connect with customers via social channels using Facebook, Twitter, Chat and Blogs. Service Cloud allows you to manage your cases from any of these social outlets and respond right back to them in the format they prefer. It also gives you visibility into what your customers are saying, good or bad, about your company.

CTI Integration

Integrating your phone system to Service Cloud will reduce the amount of time it takes to locate your customer’s information with a pop up window that provides all of their contact, account and opportunity details right at your fingertips, which will cut your response time. Click to dial eliminates wrong numbers and automatic activity logging ensures that no calls will go undocumented.

Self-Service Community

Customer self-service resources cut down labor intensive human services that give agents more resources and time to focus on other important customer- facing processes

Dynamic Knowledge

Give your customers and service agents access to a knowledge base where they can search for articles, ideas, FAQ’s with step by step instructions to help them resolve their questions or issues.

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