Cirrius: A Salesforce AI Leader

In today’s evolving business landscape, staying at the forefront of AI innovation is essential for success. As a trusted Salesforce Partner, Cirrius is here to lead the way in AI-powered business transformations, where customer data is creating unique, predictive, and generative AI experiences with Salesforce Einstein.

Generative & Predictive AI: Some Background

Generative AI creates new content and is trained to respond to questions like humans, using a large language model such as GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer), while Predictive AI makes predictions and decisions using machine learning based on historical data. Both can be extremely powerful for your business but will require strong data governance and proper planning.

Generative AI vs Predictive AI

Generative AI Benefits:

  • Automates software development
  • Simplifies new content generation
  • Expedites knowledge sharing
  • Summarizes complex documents
  • Creates answers to complex queries
  • Works across text, video, audio, robot instructions, and data formats

Generative AI Limitations:

  • Prone to AI hallucinations & inaccurate responses
  • Heavy carbon footprint
  • Can be expensive to retrain models
  • Difficult to remove sensitive data from a model
  • Challenging to explain algorithms and supporting results

Predictive AI Benefits:

  • Automates analytics & reporting
  • Simplifies complex analysis
  • Streamlines data processing
  • Works with structured data
  • Improves analysis of well-understood use cases
  • Works will for structured and time series data

Predictive AI Limitations:

  • Bias in underlying data might be amplified
  • Relies heavily on historical data
  • Transparency and explainability can be difficult
  • Overfitting to training data can lead to inaccurate predictions or prediction bias
  • Struggles to distinguish between correlation and causation

It’s all About the Data

The Cirrius team can assist with Advisory Services to help ensure business goals are clear and translated into data analysis goals and activities. Building successful AI solutions is possible only if the data is available, of suitable quality, includes historical transactions, and at the right level of detail to support the business problem. Together, we must work to interpret the meaning of the data and its relevancy to your business objectives.

What is Einstein capable of?

We are using Salesforce Einstein to increase productivity, create efficiencies, and develop personalized experiences for our clients and their customers. From a field service perspective, we are combining real-time data with automations to help streamline processes across industries. Teams can communicate directly with Einstein, solving issues more quickly and getting to solutions faster than ever before. Working trusted Salesforce AI tools and customer data securely into workflows, Einstein is transforming business results every day.

Salesforce: A Trusted Platform

Sensitive customer data is protected using the Einstein Trust Layer, natively built into Salesforce’s AI architecture. With compliance and security as a main focus, the Einstein Trust Layer means you can explore all the ways AI can empower your business without risking the customer relationships that matter most.

Cirrius: A Trusted Partner

Our unmatched expertise and commitment to innovation set us apart. We are leading the way in the enterprise AI landscape, turning businesses into industry leaders by harnessing the full potential of Salesforce AI and Einstein. Our commitment to end-to-end solutions, powered by AI and backed by tangible outcomes, sets us apart.

  • Our generative AI solutions redefine service delivery and sales team operations.
  • Automate your most time-consuming manual workflows with ease.
  • Leverage AI for automatic follow-up, summarization, and more.
  • Securely access and ground generative AI prompts while keeping sensitive data safe.

Contact us today to explore how we can tailor Salesforce AI solutions to your specific industry needs.