More than 70% of manufacturers have an imminent need to upgrade their legacy systems for the on-demand digital expectations of today’s customers. Forward-thinking leaders in the manufacturing space are harnessing cloud CRM systems like Salesforce to build a sustainable and scalable competitive advantage.

The Cirrius Solutions’ manufacturing team uses Salesforce as a primary CRM solution to integrate and implement best-in-class secure access, ensure appropriate visibility and easier interactive experiences for their customers and partners. It is vital for technological supply chain stakeholders to be aware of all the challenges that can impact global high-tech supply and manufacturing. With a custom Salesforce solution tailored to your unique requirements, you will gain insight into proper planning and forecasting which – combined with greater visibility and security – aids in helping bring products to market faster, meets consumer demands, and ultimately increases profits.

Key Improvement Areas:

  • Optimized sales and quoting management gain a proactive understanding of price movements within the supply chain
  • Supply chain optimization (dealer and distributor management) to include sourcing materials and routing of the parts needed for manufacturing
  • Partner Relationship Management (PRM) through omni-channel communication for supply vendors and customers
  • Intelligent field service management to have complete oversight of distribution and stock levels
  • Optimized customer and partner experience including platform security around privacy and data sharing
  • Enterprise analytics and elevated customer insights to be more ready to respond to disruptive startups and competition from existing competitors

How We Can Help: 

  • Digitally connect those with product needs to the suppliers with capabilities
  • Gain real-time insight over your supply chains
  • Transfer knowledge throughout the supply chain in real-time
  • Strategically prepare for supply chain pivots that could require identifying alternative suppliers
  • Implement higher levels of remote access to core systems that allows employees and management to participate in social distancing efforts
  • Plan and mitigate risks such as inventory obsolescence, receivables collectability, governmental impacts, and debt impairments
  • Provide a global platform to assist with planning for tax and tariff implications based on changes to the supply chain
  • Provide field service employees with mobility, real-time knowledge, and increased communication
  • Create powerful and actionable analytics – based on real-time data from a single platform with built-in AI – into the technology supply chain

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