Field Service Management – FSM

In today’s competitive service landscape, the ability to provide exceptional service and build lasting relationships with your customers is essential.

Watch How Field Service Management (FSM) Can Help Your Business

Unlock the power of artificial intelligence to help service teams reach their highest potential.

Business leaders have a unique opportunity to be a pioneer in one of the most profound technological shifts in history. With thoughtful planning, you will be able to utilize AI to drive digital transformations that will reinvent what it means to provide service to your customers. The Cirrius team will work with you to help you understand what is possible with smarter technologies and apply this knowledge to your business.

We can help you learn to solve problems differently so that you will be able to lead your organization through the next frontier of digital service transformation. You will outpace your competition by achieving greater efficiencies throughout your support process by building more intelligent solutions and focusing on the activities that remain uniquely human such as building the right team(s) and business strategy. We have officially entered the age of intelligent automation.

Major benefits of Field Service Management solutions include:
>>Provide a 360 view of the customer enabling superior customer service
>>Speed initial response and case resolution times
>>Drive costs down and revenue up
>>Turn service into a revenue driver
>>Get more actional insights from service data
>>Predict customer needs with greater accuracy
>>Predict asset & inventory mean time between failures
>>Reduce time spent on repetitive tasks
>>Create a better, more personalized service experience

AI will not be able to replace you but rather, it will eliminate repetitive tasks and increase the amount of work you are capable of doing in less time. The Cirrius team will work with you to understand, pilot, and scale AI for your service business. We think that leaders who start this process now will create significant and sustainable competitive advances for their organization(s).

Empowering Your Field Service Teams with AI

Unlock the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to help service teams reach their highest potential. AI-driven Salesforce field service solutions, empowered by properly structured data, can help you optimize your business and drive real value.

From automatically scheduling appointments to predicting equipment needs and job durations, AI has the power to change the way you do business. Use it to eliminate time spent on traditional paperwork and documentation, communicate project details and needs with your mobile workforce, and bring efficiencies to managing field service. Imagine the possibilities.

Creating Your Salesforce AI Strategy

The Cirrius team will work with you to leverage the most innovative Artificial Intelligence tools to deliver personalized support and transform the customer field service experience. We will help you consolidate service interactions using one unified AI platform, to develop a massive competitive advantage by using technology to automate, augment, and enhance what you already do, specifically making predictions and recommendations to drive business results.

Below are a few of the products that we can help you implement to enable your field service team to respond faster, find time efficiencies, personalize communications, and ultimately provide a much better customer experience in an effort to get the most out of your Salesforce investment.

Customer Service AI
Transform your service department and drive operational efficiency with AI-powered insights from your CRM.

Appointment Assistant
Enlighten your customers and give them visibility with real-time access to their technician’s location and an AI-provided estimated time of arrival.

Service Replies
Send AI-generated “human-like” replies to customer inquiries based on support history and data from Salesforce.

Einstein Work Summaries
Save time with real-time AI-generated work summaries at the end of a service appointment

On-Site Knowledge Search
Empower technicians with self-service AI-powered work instructions utilizing both internal and external sources

Next Best Actions
Enable technician decision-making with next steps using AI-generated suggested solutions crafted from your Salesforce data.

Case Classifications
Allow Einstein to analyze cases from previous months, automate data entry for new cases, and prioritize them quickly for faster time to resolution.

Visual Remote Assistant
Revolutionize your technicians’ experience by combining video, screenshots, and photo-based annotations.

Self-Service Scheduling
Empower customers with self-service scheduling, offering time slots that match internal resource availability

Einstein Chatbots
Accelerate issue resolution using AI-powered chatbots to answer common requests.

Mobile Pre-Work Briefings
Use AI to provide technicians a summary of critical information before an onsite appointment.

Einstein Case Wrap-up
Leverage AI to quickly create service reports with intelligently generated summaries.

Intelligent Scheduling
Recommend the right technician based on skills, location, work type, and more.

Appointment Bundling
Use Salesforce AI engine to group appointments to optimize your technician’s work schedule.

Predictive Preventative Maintenance
Automatically schedule preventative maintenance based on asset usage or service requirements.

Einstein Account Insights
AI can help you maintain your customer relationships and stay informed about key business decisions that impact your service interactions.

Field Service Accelerator Package

Cirrius Solutions offers our clients the continuously expanding Salesforce Field Service Accelerator application that extends Salesforce’s ability to deliver customer-focused service experiences. Our Accelerator is available for a one-time installation fee, giving your team full ownership after the initial setup.

The Field Service Accelerator package provides pre-configured Sales, Service, and Field Service functionality. Field Service managed package that supercharges time-to-value by cutting implementation time by 75% and reducing up-front implementation costs by 45%.

Hassle-Free Implementation

  • Fixed pricing and implementation timeline
  • 3-week implementation schedule
  • Drive user adoption with pre-recorded training videos
  • Data import templates to streamline the import process
  • 100% Salesforce flow driven automation

Package Inclusions

  • Multiple pre-defined field service business processes
  • Custom sales and service console apps
  • Fully optimized layouts for a simplified user experience
  • Predefined data import templates for existing customer information
  • Multiple pre-built email communication templates
  • Mobile automations to speed work in the field
  • 24+ pre-built flows to minimize clicks and manual data entry
  • Admin console for simple system administration
  • Baseline reports & dashboards for better operational insights

2-Minute Accelerator Overview:

5-Minute Accelerator Demonstration:

A major problem that we solve for our clients is eliminating non-revenue driven service requests by leveraging analytics and AI. We are able to monitor service issues to accurately predict when the most common points of failure will occur. Through this process, we help our clients set up proactive asset replacement notifications so that they can transform revenue draining events into valuable sales opportunities. By leveraging these opportunities, our clients improve customer satisfaction and drive revenue at the same time!

Major benefits of Field Service Management solutions include:
>> Provide a 360 view of the customer enabling superior customer service
>> Reduce non-revenue driven service requests
>> Optimize multi-day field service appointments with route optimization
>> Reduce agent downtime and improve the employee experience
>> Manage a remote service workforce with real-time notifications
>> Track service assets and entitlements across the organization
>> Provide a simple UI for dispatchers to manage daily service appointments
>> Easily route new client work orders by territory and agent skillset
>> Manage timesheets to track the time your field service agents are spending on tasks
>> Provide mobile access to work orders, client location, inventory, and provide knowledge
>> Build maintenance plans to track preventive maintenance using auto-generated work orders
>> Manage return orders related to inventory returns and repairs
>> Reports and dashboards to provide execute visibility to key field service data

Cirrius Solutions has been helping clients transform their field service organization for over 10 years; however, with the introduction to Field Service Management in 2016, we have been able to revolutionize how they provide service. In addition to being Salesforce experts, our team is seasoned in helping service-driven businesses make the digital transformation. No matter what your industry, the Salesforce field service management cloud offering will create efficiencies for all aspects of your service-driven business. In addition, the Field Service Management Mobile application will enable field technicians to receive work orders, update job progress, access inventory, and utilize knowledge articles while on the road. The Salesforce Field Service Management application can help you create cost-saving efficiencies that can improve your bottom line while also providing service that will ensure continued customer loyalty.

Increased Productivity
We understand that last minute change is a constant, but no industry experiences change quite like field service. Service appointments are scheduled, then rescheduled with very short notice, and last-minute emergency calls pop up regularly. Technicians and dispatchers need to pivot quickly to not lose valuable time and money on a suddenly open schedule. Using the Field Service Management mobile app, technicians in the field can receive real-time alerts, schedule changes, and increase site visits, which ultimately improves your bottom line.

Route Optimization
Create a customized process for your organization with Field Service Management to assign work orders and appointments to the right resources based on proximity, skillset, workload, and availability. As a result, you’ll enjoy cost savings from smarter route planning, increased employee productivity, and decreased wait time for your customers.

Better Data Accuracy
Field Service Management software empowers service technicians by providing them with greater access to data such as customer service tickets, inventory changes, invoicing history, and a comprehensive knowledge library. With this information available on their mobile device, they’re able to better comply with SLA’s to provide best in class service.

Increased Customer Satisfaction
The best organizations in the world seek to exceed customer expectations. In today’s competitive environment you need to be able to support service call scheduling in multi-hour windows, real-time notifications with special instructions, updates to inventory, and changes to work orders. With field service mobile optimization technicians can improve scheduling accuracy and stay in close contact with customers. We think it is the details that make the difference!

Accelerated Growth
If you’re a larger organization or looking to expand, Salesforce Field Service Management is ideal because it can grow with your business. Each instance can be customized for a single or multiple business lines, as well as sales and field service tech teams. Cirrius Solutions can work with you to integrate the Field Service Management workflow into your sales process. No matter what your organization’s size or future growth plans, Field Service Management can be tailored to meet your business needs – and exceed expectations.

Increased Mobility
The Salesforce Field Service Management mobile application delivers next-generation mobility for your service team. Your service reps no longer need to pick up paper work orders at the start of the day, with Salesforce Field Service Management contractors can simply reach for their mobile device while out in the field, and enter the required data directly into the system. This new digital process also helps eliminate data-loss and incomplete paperwork. Even if the service technician has no connectivity in the field, they can use their Field Service Management app offline, save their work and when they are back online, everything will be updated in the background automatically.

Dynamic Knowledge
Give your field service agents real-time access to a knowledge base on the road where they can search for articles, ideas, FAQ’s with step by step instructions to help them resolve their questions.

Eliminate Non-Revenue Service Calls
Use service reports and predictive analytics to create a proactive component replacement process. Understanding key failure points and timelines will create enhanced customer satisfaction, reduce service costs, and will generate new revenue opportunities.

Customer Success Stories

Post project results show exponential user adoption increases by the field service team due to a streamlined approach and centralized location for communication and oversight.

This consumer-centric, digital-first strategy that Elevation Solar has been pursuing is now paying dividends with record-breaking growth and engagement.

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