Healthcare and Life Sciences

Healthcare today is moving at record-breaking speed towards increased remote services including telehealth, mobile remote patient monitoring, and at-home services. This increase in mobile healthcare will have huge impacts on how healthcare is both provided and delivered, making healthcare more accessible, faster, and more affordable.

The Cirrius Solutions’ healthcare team structures Salesforce solutions for this changing model that allows providers to deliver the highest quality of care to the maximum number of people at the lowest possible cost. Our healthcare experts will help you personalize the patient experience with optimized field service while effectively managing your healthcare provider resources’ schedules.

Key Improvement Areas:

  • Schedule and dispatch optimized care
  • Utilize field service solutions for remote monitoring services
  • Improve patient service with real-time status notifications
  • Communication through web chat or video
  • Mobile app for your field-based healthcare workforce
  • Optimized call center scheduling with skillsets for better collaboration
  • Improve patient communication and overall service
  • Track and optimize service metrics to make faster decisions

How We Can Help: 

  • HIPAA-compliant field service software with data encryption
  • Automate scheduling/dispatching daily care routes for nurses with maps and live updates
  • Quickly route emergency calls from a patient and dispatch the nearest or next available provider
  • Create a ‘care needed’ schedule with real-time automated appointment notifications to patients
  • Collect secure healthcare data with e-signature capture
  • Access clinical decision support documentation on patient visit orders
  • Notify patients in real-time of status updates such as ETA, late arrival and rescheduling
  • Reduce patient care knowledge gaps through previous message and conversation history
  • Keep everyone on the same page with group messaging and collaboration
  • Notify mobile nurses of home alerts or special circumstances to more quickly assist patients
  • Access clinical decision support documentation on patient visit orders
  • See all patient visit history, including completed health forms
  • Allow providers to view their scheduled patient visits for the day/week/month
  • Visit patients in remote areas without the risk of information inaccessibility or loss, as Field Squared is both online and offline capable
  • Transfer and track medical supplies inventory from the office supply room to the mobile workforce vehicle
  • Quickly create reports that track field-related spending
  • Integrate insurance invoicing systems in order to identify billing gaps to get paid faster

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