The digital transformation of the transportation industry is allowing shipping companies the opportunity to open up visibility and tracking of their entire logistical operation – but the question of how best to do so can be a daunting one. Optimizing a select choice of CRM tools can give companies the opportunity to drive efficiency throughout the business and significantly reduce overhead costs.

The Cirrius Solutions’ transportation team implements CRM solutions that allow companies to enter key information from anywhere to instantly provide updates on dispatch, asset control, billing, driver pay, fuel management, and fleet maintenance. We create management and tracking systems for some of the most difficult operational challenges and open up visibility throughout the entire process to add an exceptional customer experience to a highly optimized delivery process.

Key Improvement Areas:

  • Provide best-in-class routing optimization, enabling more deliveries per truck each day
  • Real-time visibility into delivery status for the retailer and customer
  • Smart self-scheduling system that is dynamically based upon available truck capacity
  • Easy to use mobile app increases driver accountability, visibility, and overall satisfaction
  • Mobile app also allows drivers to effectively communicate with dispatch and customers
  • Deliver next-level customer service by providing real-time order information to customers using various notification methods

How We Can Help: 

  • Create a CRM ‘Control Tower’ to better match supply with real-time demand
  • Gain insight into your fleet’s location and improve driver accountability with real-time GPS tracking and live ETAs
  • Respond rapidly to changing conditions by remotely re-routing vehicles and sending messages to drivers through the mobile application
  • Proactive fleet maintenance management to reduce vehicle downtime
  • Trucking dispatch with route optimization, map views and mileage calculations
  • Mileage tracking to automatically calculate driver payments
  • Inventory tracking from the warehouse to the customer site
  • Streamline billing and invoicing processes
  • Build reports and dashboards to get better visibility into key metrics

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