Energy and Utilities

There is an enormous opportunity to grow revenue and reduce costs within the Energy, Utilities, Renewables and Oil & Gas industries while improving the customer experience by cutting down business silos and creating a 360-degree view of customers and suppliers. In a new global landscape with disruptive business challenges, the critical design and phased approach to a customized implementation of the Salesforce platform to your processes, networks and supply chains will be a key component to succeeding in this ongoing digital transformation.

The Cirrius Solutions team approach to helping your company navigate this change means we can help you identify friction points, visualize your future state and design processes and strategies to bring your vision to life using the Salesforce platform. Our seasoned experts combine experience from working with a wide variety of utility companies with deep industry and technical knowledge to help you achieve success. Our collaborative culture helps us build and sustain lasting relationships with our clients by offering integrated solutions that support future growth and innovation. We understand the challenges you face because we’ve spent years working in this industry. We’re here to help you anticipate, plan for, and manage the dramatic swings that characterize your market.

Key Improvement Areas:

We see several changing trends impacting gas, water, and electricity providers that are driving the need for the digital transformation including rising customer expectations, evolving technologies, growing competition, increasing regulatory pressures, and aging infrastructure. Ongoing business disruption, data growth, and the decarbonization movement are putting businesses in your industry to the test. Below are just a few of the areas that are drivers for improvement.

  • New innovations, including smart grid infrastructure and IoT
  • The need for digital utilities to leverage IoT connected devices around the smart home
  • Increased infrastructure needed for autonomous electric vehicles
  • Demand for domestic renewable power generation and storage
  • Automation of workflow with every new IoT data stream
  • Need for Artificial Intelligence (AI) predictive analytics based on real-time data collection
  • Focus on employees to deliver amazing service through improved collaboration
  • Need for visibility into an expanding ecosystem of partners
  • Need for responsive and agile field service management with more cost-effective repair services

How we can Help:

The Cirrius approach will help you re-imagine customer engagement to enable intelligent, personalized journeys across all channels to provide a responsive and customized customer experience. We will help transform your business to be laser-focused on achieving recurring revenue, reducing costs, building strong trust relationships, and driving maximum customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Strategy and roadmap planning at the enterprise level
  • Streamline partner, supplier and customer engagement on one platform
  • Utilize the cloud to collect, connect and manage all of your data streams
  • Provide a single version of the truth with a 360-degree view of all your customer data
  • Build real-time collaboration and insights across your upstream partner ecosystem
  • Increase operational efficiencies through billing and collections
  • Empower employees to work as a team, enabling them to share information easily, balance workloads and assign tasks
  • Automate appointment scheduling and route optimization for mobile field consultants
  • Optimize mobile workforce efficiency with real-time communication and access to knowledge
  • Manage job schedules, part inventory and knowledge articles for mobile workers providing service outside of internet areas
  • Deliver omni-channel services that create a seamless customer experience
  • Use AI and advanced analytics to provide predictive intelligence
  • Leverage analytics to gain a holistic understanding of your markets, performance, customer behaviors, and usage patterns

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