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Salesforce Services

The most competitive global companies use to take sales and marketing activities to the next level. Cirrius Solutions is a leading Salesforce cloud consulting partner helping its customers, across every industry, redefine their sales, marketing, and customer service experience in the cloud.   Our Salesforce Consultants use an Agile consulting model with 10 – 60 day deployment cycles to deliver results quickly.

Cloud computing is the new paradigm for companies to access flexible, reliable and scalable computing power over the internet.  This new delivery model calls for a new generation of agile consulting firms to help clients leverage the cloud for rapid, more granular application development.


Sales Cloud

Cirrius Solutions offers a robust team of seasoned business analysts, solution architects, development experts and QA professionals. Our combined 250+ years of experience will ensure that we maximize the CRM capabilities you expect from Salesforce and introduce you to the multitude of lesser-known benefits. We will provide you with everything you need in order to grow revenue, boost productivity, and increase visibility. We employ only the best and most seasoned implementation experts. That’s why ALL 66 of our customer satisfaction scores are 5 out of 5 stars.

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Service Cloud

The Salesforce Service Cloud implemented by our seasoned experts will transform your service cases from a maintenance event to a revenue producing touchpoint opportunity. We know, from experience, that your customers are not willing to wait for service support. They want it immediately and they are willing to pay a significant premium for an immediate response. The new generation of users expect service to be provided 24/7 via their preferred channel. Service organizations must deliver exceptional, high-touch service with short wait times, high first-call resolution, extended support hours, and access to experts around the clock or risk losing a client to the competitor.

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Equipment Finance

Let Cirrius Solutions help with your digital transformation. We provide cloud-based equipment finance software that provides lease and loan management for the entire lifecycle of the contract. If you are experiencing too many data entry errors, have disparate business systems, high maintenance cost, poor organizational collaboration, and difficulty reporting we can help! Our solutions are provided on the world’s leading CRM solution Salesforce ™ with a full suite of customized solutions to help lessors save time, reduce costs, optimize revenue and manage risk.

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Marketing Cloud

Whether you are a current user of with advanced Marketing Automation or just starting to consider the platform,we can help you achieve success through revenue-based performance management. Cirrius consultants can assist with marketing systems selection, implementation, and sales & marketing alignment. Our Solutions Services teams can help you evolve your marketing organization into the digital world. This transformation allows you to take advantage of the power of Salesforce by creating a 360 degree view of your customers through various marketing automation platforms.

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Healthcare Applications

Cirrius Solutions is the leader in creating user-friendly, cloud-based solutions for managing both patient and laboratory data in the healthcare and life sciences industries. Our Salesforce consultants will show you how to deploy simple technologies to save time so that you can focus on helping your patients. We will show you how to modernize the customer experience using portals for easy interaction with providers, test results, upcoming appointments, needed medications and real-time messaging. Salesforce is the world’s most secure cloud computing platform trusted by millions of users including many in the life sciences and healthcare industries. The Cirrius team can help you create tailored solutions for your unique environment that will provide a truly modern patient experience.

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Custom Development

Our Salesforce Custom Development experts achieve competitive results by providing enterprise-level systems and technology that might otherwise be out of reach. We implement and provide advanced customizations, leveraging our 250+ years in software development, to provide you “Best in Class” solutions. We work quickly and we achieve demonstrable results as you can see from both our perfect customer satisfaction ratings and our testimonials.

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Our customers have had tremendous success with Salesforce Communities and have used them to completely transform their businesses using customer, partner and employee portals. Cirrius Solutions can extend the Salesforce experience to your customers, partners and employees with seamless and secure design. You decide how much and what they can access. Cirrius consultants will help you create Salesforce Communities that are personalized, integrated, branded and engaging to ensure a seamless extension of your corporate identity. Using Salesforce Community Cloud, we leverage the technology to maximize the collaboration with your target audience.

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Configure Price Quotes

Cirrius Solutions can optimize your Configure Price Quote (CPQ) solution with best-in-class capabilities on the Salesforce platform. The Quote-to-Cash process connects a customer’s intent to buy with an organization realization of revenue, and encompasses the entirety of your sales, contract, and customer relationship life cycles. Because Quote-to-Cash is at the heart of your business, it is the most critical process for your business to master.

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