Customer service agents on call using managed services

What is Customer Service?

Cirrius Solutions cares deeply about providing its customers with the most stress-free, simple, and helpful services. We greatly value their success and want to do all we can to help them achieve it. One way we do this is by providing our customers with the highest quality customer service and encouraging them to do the same for their customers. Customer service includes, but is not limited to, offering proactive and immediate support to customers when they need it; being available via a variety of communication platforms, such as email, phone call, text, and live chat; utilizing and providing resources to customers as issue arise, and solving all different types of problems.

Why is Customer Service Important?

While there are various ways a company can provide customer service, some are more comprehensive and effective than others. Regardless of the company’s style or platform, providing high-quality customer service is central to offering the best goods and services, retaining loyal customers, and maintaining a successful, thriving business.

Offering the Best Goods and Services

When attempting to offer the very best goods and services, high-quality, competitive customer service can be the element that sets a company apart. Not all companies can offer a dedicated team of individuals who are knowledgeable about the topics relevant to an organization’s goods and services and also obtain the advanced social and communication skills it takes to provide top-of-the-line customer service. When a business or individual researches companies that can provide a desired good or service, they are much more likely to select a company that can offer them more support, guidance, and expertise. These characteristics make the pursued goods or services more valuable, providing a happier and more satisfied customer.

Retaining Loyal Customers

Happy and satisfied customers are more likely to become lifelong customers. According to research by Salesforce, 91% of customers claim that positive customer service experiences make them more likely to return to a company for other goods or services in the future. This information, matched with the fact that acquiring new customers is approximately five times more expensive than retaining current ones, helps paint a picture of how incredibly valuable high-quality customer service is for customer retention and a company’s overall success.

Maintaining a Successful, Thriving Business

In the spirit of maintaining company success, there are a lot of different ways in which competitive customer service can help companies thrive. When a business provides high-quality customer service, it is more likely to retain its current customers and more likely to be recommended by those customers to other potential ones. Word-of-mouth is one of the most beneficial advertising strategies, as it helps companies establish trust with potential customers before it even provides them with any goods or services. This trust develops due to the trust that is already present in the relationship between a company’s original customer and its potential new one. This fact serves as a reminder of how relational business is, which is the special element that adds increased value to the goods and services a business provides.

How Can Customer Service Improve With Salesforce Managed Services?

In our last blog, published in October 2022, we discussed what Salesforce Managed Services is, what it includes, the plan options we offer, and whether or not it is right for your business. Now, we want to discuss the benefits that Salesforce Managed Services can provide to a business’s customer service team.


Managed Services provides customer service teams with exceptional care and attention to detail. One way it does this is by keeping customer information accurate and complete. This helps eliminate the common occurrence of customer data becoming outdated, irrelevant, or incorrect, allowing for more personal, genuine, and meaningful interactions between a business and its customers. In addition, Managed Services detects when incorrect, incomplete, or conflicting information may be present in a customer’s file, alerting the customer service team and its Salesforce administrator so that they can correct any errors. 


Salesforce Managed Services also streamlines all customer communications into one controlled area, keeping communication more consistent, effective, and professional. In addition, all data is shared with every team in a company, informing everyone about each customer’s needs and desires. Salesforce Managed Services also supports customer service teams to present themselves as professionally as possible by providing effective automated customer service strategies and techniques. This feature is incredibly beneficial, but Salesforce Managed Services offers even more than this. Companies are provided with various types of software, such as Salesforce CRM, to help their customer service teams thrive with Managed Services. They also receive access to a personal Salesforce administrator that can provide more in-depth and consistent support than a Salesforce consulting partner can.


The benefits that Salesforce Managed Services can provide a company are innumerable. At Cirrius Solutions, we want nothing more than to help our customers take advantage of these benefits and achieve the greatest possible success. Please contact us with any questions on the topic, as we would love to support you in figuring out how Salesforce Managed Services can help your business thrive to the highest possible degree.

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