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Salesforce Managed Services Benefits

Salesforce Managed Services is a powerful, comprehensive cloud platform that supports businesses in overall maintenance, management, and improvements. Cirrius Solutions assists in customized CRM solutions, including communication, data management, customer service, automated marketing, and so much more. These top-of-the-line managed services are accompanied by a Salesforce Managed Services expert readily available to assist your business as new needs and desires regarding utilized services arise. Additionally, managed services allow a company to build a trusting relationship with a committed, knowledgeable Salesforce CRM expert instead of relying on an outsourced Salesforce consulting partner or an in-house IT team for Salesforce CRM support.

In-house IT teams allow one or more full-time employees to be consistently present in case of any arising IT issues. An organization hires these employees instead of contracting them, and they have general knowledge of information technology instead of specialized expertise in Salesforce Managed Services specifically. When hiring an in-house IT team, the company must provide the employees with any specialized information or realms of knowledge necessary to the job, which, more often than not, means hiring outside sources to educate these inside sources. It also means providing full-time employment and all related benefits to these employees, to utilize them only when needed, which can be inconsistent and infrequent.

Choosing Salesforce Managed Services over an in-house IT team allows businesses to only pay for the services they need, as opposed to being responsible for providing 40 hours of work each week and specialized training from Salesforce consulting partners to one or more full-time employees. It also cuts out the middle person, allowing for quality services to be provided directly by the experts themselves while also saving the cost of employing one or more IT team members for full-time positions. 

Services Covered Under Salesforce Managed Services

When a business decides to invest in Salesforce Managed Services, they gain various resources, benefits, and services they can utilize whenever and however they see fit. These include:

  • A dedicated team that will always have the capacity to meet any and all of the organization’s support entitlements and needs
  • Consistently smooth, seamless handoffs when transitioning between projects with their managed services team 
  • Fast, guaranteed responses within four hours of contacting your managed services expert

Also included are:

  • Executive transparency and visibility
  • Real-time engagement
  • Technical expertise
  • Advanced customization and application development
  • Guaranteed professionalism
  • Specialized knowledge and skills


Each resource and service included assists in Salesforce optimization, data integrity, uninterrupted business enhancements, strategic planning, and Salesforce releases. Allegedly, Salesforce Managed Services results in consistent, professional, seamless behind-the-scenes business management.

Customized Salesforce Managed Service Plans

We find it most beneficial to our customers that we offer a range of plans specially and directly customized to their service budgets and needs. Our standard plans include the Silver Plan, the Gold Plan, and the Platinum Plan. We also offer customized plans in case our standard plans provide different needs and services that a cherished customer is looking to utilize. Regardless of which plan a business chooses, we are committed to helping maximize the investment each of our customers makes to access these top-of-the-line services.

Silver Plan

Our Silver Plan includes 20 hours of direct services each month, a quick 4-hour response time from the Managed Services team, dedicated team support, and administration and configuration support. This plan is our lowest-cost standard plan.

Gold Plan

Our Gold Plan includes 40 hours of direct services each month, a quick 4-hour response time from the Managed Services team, dedicated team support, administration and configuration support, and custom development. This plan is our most commonly chosen standard plan.

Platinum Plan

Our Platinum Plan includes 60 hours of direct services each month, a quick 4-hour response time from the Managed Services team, a dedicated team, administration, and configuration support, custom development, and administration enablement courses. This plan is our most comprehensive standard plan.

Custom Plan

We work hand-in-hand with each business to build our Custom Plans according to their specific needs. These plans can include having either part-time or full-time administrators and customized options in all other regards of Managed Services and the associated resources.

Thank You

We at Cirrius Solutions want to thank you for considering utilizing Salesforce Managed Services for all your business management needs. We acknowledge that it takes courage to entrust someone else with the acute inner workings of your business, and we want you to know that we would be proud to assist your organization in reaching its full potential in business management, communication, and so many other important areas.

If you have any questions, want to inquire about investing in Salesforce Managed Services, or want to learn about how Salesforce Managed Services can upgrade your application capabilities, click here.