Salesforce Partner Advisory Board - Field Service Management Business Board Meeting in Office. Brainstorming.

Chad Anderson, CEO, and Founder of Cirrius Solutions, was recently selected to be part of the Salesforce Field Service Advisory Board. Partner advisory boards bring together partners to gain guidance and feedback to Salesforce on programs, products, and industry solutions.

Cirrius Solutions and Chad Anderson are pleased to announce that the founder/CEO of the company has been named by the Salesforce Field Service Management team to the Partner Advisory Board. The Partner Advisory Board’s mission is to identify methods to meet customer demands while defining the future of cost-effective and scalable products. Advisory Boards operate as an open forum for partners to share insights and data with Salesforce regarding trends to highlight opportunities in the respective products, industries, or markets.

A Partner Advisory Board is comprised of several dedicated individuals who have been invited by Salesforce leadership to participate in recurring in-person and virtual meetings. The objective of these meetings is for PAB members to interact with other partners and key Salesforce teams on items of mutual interest. Partners on the board serve as a source of input from leaders in the partner ecosystem to aid in forming strategy, planning, and execution on all dimensions of Salesforce products and business. PAB meetings allow these leaders to voice ideas, concerns, and opportunities in a formal forum.

Cirrius Solutions is comprised of a team of seasoned solution architects, quality assurance professionals, business analysts, and development experts. Together, the team has more than 250 years of experience. It maximizes the CRM capabilities expected from Salesforce and introduces clients to a multitude of lesser-known benefits. Everything needed to boost productivity, grow revenue, and increase visibility is provided. Only the best and most seasoned implementation experts are employed.

Cirrius Solutions is a top Salesforce cloud consulting firm helping customers across every industry redefine their sales, marketing, and customer service experience in the cloud. The Salesforce Consultants utilize an Agile consulting model with 10 – 60 day deployment cycles to implement results rapidly. The most competitive companies around the globe make use of to take sales and marketing activities to the next level.

About the Company:

Cirrius Solutions provides a Salesforce platform-based solution for updating the mobile workforce and field service operations. It offers intelligent optimization, a best-in-class resource scheduling engine, mobile access, and an online knowledge base. The company maintains a perfect 5-Star reputation.

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