Cirrius Solutions | Salesforce Field Service Implementation Checklist (FSL)

Improve Your Mobile Service Operations and Personalize Service. Free Discovery! Give Smarter Self-Service. Boost Agent Productivity. Faster Case Resolution. Personalize Customer Care. Services: Live Agent Support, Field Service Management.

Clutch Recognizes Cirrius Solutions as a Top Salesforce CRM Development Firm!

Clutch Recognizes Cirrius Solutions as a Top Salesforce CRM Development Firm in Minneapolis due to its superior customer satisfaction ratings.  Cirrius is ranked #1 and continues to lead the way in Salesforce CRM innovations.   For competitive swimmers, the difference between a shaved head and an unkempt noggin can spell the difference between first and [...]

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Salesforce AI (Artificial Intelligence) – Fourth Generation Industrial Revolution

Marc Benioff and the Salesforce AI Fourth Generation Industrial Revolution Salesforce founder and CEO, Marc Benioff, recently gave the keynote address at Dreamforce 2017. Mr. Benioff provided some key insights on business in the 21st century. Mr. Benioff believes we are in the midst of the fourth industrial revolution, “The fourth industrial revolution is reshaping every [...]

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Salesforce Source Control Options

Salesforce Source Control is the tracking of changes to the source (or code) of a solution. Source Control can, and does, apply to more than just your solutions code. We can also use Source Control for things like documents, configuration files, images, html files, etc.  Source Control is also known as Version Control, Revision Control, [...]

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Pardot User Assignment Options

Pardot is a powerful marketing platform with a ton of functionality. One, in particular, is User Assignment. There are a bunch options when it comes to Pardot User Assignment and we'll explore them including an interesting feature to even perform Round Robin assignment. Assigning Users to Prospects Pardot can leverage a number of ways to [...]