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What is Salesforce Managed Services?

Here at Cirrius Solutions, we value the success of our clients. We ensure this success by taking various action steps, including optimizing workflows, and building effective management systems, all through providing excellent customer service support and beyond. Salesforce Managed Services is one of the key resources we offer to ensure our customers’ ongoing success.

Salesforce Managed Services is a team of Salesforce specialists dedicated to providing and managing a customized set of assistance based on each organization’s specialized needs. Our team here at Cirrius Solutions allows businesses to remain proactive in managing their Salesforce CRM in a cost-effective, flexible way and does not require hiring additional employees. It assists in preventing system issues from occurring and fine-tuning the overall performance of the Salesforce CRM, as well as connecting information from all stakeholders of an organization to one shared set of experts. Most importantly, Salesforce Managed Services allows businesses to focus on the important goods and services they offer while leaving behind-the-scenes work, such as security checks, day-to-day updates, and other administrative tasks, to the Managed Services.

What Exactly does Salesforce Managed Services Include?

When a business invests in our Salesforce Managed Services, there are many benefits, resources, and services they can look forward to having access to. These include:

●     Dedicated capacity from a specialized team, ensuring that all support entitlements and needs are met.

●     Businesses can also plan on having smooth, seamless project handoffs when transitioning between projects with their Managed Services team.

●     Fast response is another guaranteed benefit when utilizing our Managed Services, and businesses can expect a response within 4 hours of contacting their team.


Also included is access to additional resources:

●     Technical expertise

●     Real-time consultant engagement

●     Advanced customization and application development

●     Executive visibility and transparency.

Each of these included resources and services assists in continued Salesforce optimization, uninterrupted business enhancements, data integrity, strategic planning, and Salesforce release implementation, resulting in thorough, professional, and seamless behind-the-scenes business management.

What options are available to businesses looking to invest in Salesforce Managed Services?

We are proud to utilize the break/fix model of service provision, offering a range of plans specially customized directly to each business’s service needs and budgets. Our standard plans include the Silver Plan, the Gold Plan, and the Platinum Plan; we also offer customized plans if our standard plans need to be tailored to provide the exact services a business is looking to utilize. Regardless of a business’s chosen plan, we are committed to helping maximize the investment made.

Silver Plan

Our Silver Plan includes 20 hours of direct services each month, a quick 4-hour response time from the Managed Services team, dedicated team support, and administration and configuration support. This plan is our lowest-cost standard plan.

Gold Plan

Our Gold Plan includes 40 hours of direct services each month, a quick 4-hour response time from the Managed Services team, dedicated team support, administration and configuration support, and custom development. This plan is our most commonly chosen standard plan.

Platinum Plan

Our Platinum Plan includes 60 hours of direct services each month, a quick 4-hour response time from the Managed Services team, dedicated team support, administration, and configuration support, custom development, and administration enablement courses. This plan is our most comprehensive standard plan.

Custom Plan

We work hand-in-hand with each business to build a Custom Plan according to their specific needs. These plans can be tailored to include part-time or full-time administrators and customized options from all of the benefits and associated resources provided by Managed Services.

Is Salesforce Managed Services Right for Your Business?

While there are some alternatives to utilizing Salesforce Managed Services, they do not offer the economic, flexibility, and proactivity benefits that Salesforce Managed Services offers from Cirrius Solutions. For example, some organizations opt to employ a full-time Salesforce administrator, leaving all of their Salesforce needs to this one individual. While this strategy can be effective for some businesses, issues may arise when that singular employee is home sick and unavailable for a few days, goes on vacation for a couple of weeks, or even ceases their employment with an organization entirely. Any of these instances could leave an organization without a professional to manage and maintain all of the services offered by Salesforce, as this most often requires specialized Salesforce experts. Other organizations may opt to hire an outside vendor when something goes awry, which is a responsive action instead of a proactive one. This method can take a significant amount of time for a vendor to respond and provide their services, leaving the organization without the necessary resources for an extended period of time. Another common action for businesses is relying on their internal IT personnel to manage all of their Salesforce needs. While this is the most cost-effective option, it is often quite ineffective, as general IT management skills are insufficient in best-managing Salesforce and reaping the highest benefits possible from the resources it offers. Significant risks come with each alternative option to having Salesforce Managed Services, and they can be the difference between a business thriving and a business suffering lethal deficits.

Here at Cirrius Solutions, we believe that Salesforce Managed Services are essential to the body of a successful, robust business. We are proud to partner with the brilliant, supportive minds that make achieving success possible for each of our customers. We would love to support you in exploring how Salesforce Managed Services can help your business thrive and achieve as much success as possible.

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