Virtually every company that has implemented or is planning on implementing Salesforce will need technical support at some point. The Salesforce virtual assistant is built on the premise that the Salesforce tech support can be done remotely and managed easily. 

salesforce virtual assistant

The software solutions from Salesforce have repeatedly changed how businesses handle customer management, including customer service. With the new Salesforce virtual assistant, you can now provide your customers with the service they deserve at anytime from anywhere in the world. Here’s how it works: 

Customer Support with Salesforce Virtual Assistant 

When you use the new remote support software from Salesforce, you have a way to better help your customers without needing to be in the same location. Now, service teams will have access to virtual remote assistants whose job is to guide customers through the solutions to their problems from a remote location. 

For customers, accessing this support is simple and convenient. They can choose to receive a “one-click” link from an email message or text. Once clicked, their phone will become the remote service agent’s window into the problem. The service agent will then identify the root cause and walk the customer through the steps to fix the issue over the phone with video chat. 

The thing that sets Cirrius Solutions implementation of the Salesforce virtual assistant apart from other video chat support is our simplicity around the component design. Customers don’t need to download any additional software or jump through hoops to get remote service. Instead, they must open a link in a mobile browser to start receiving support. 

A strong internet connection isn’t even necessary to use a virtual remote assistant from Salesforce. Even customers with weak internet can take advantage of the convenient service remote technicians provide on Salesforce’s platform. In addition, the virtual remote assistant will adapt to the low signal connection by somewhat bringing down the video quality or even going to still frames if needed. 

If the internet connection supports it, customers can also use augmented reality with Salesforce virtual assistant. 

The result of Salesforce virtual assistant is consistently positive customer experiences without compromising safety or efficiency. Your customers will get the face time they want, and you won’t need to provide in-person services. 

Example of Virtual Remote Assistant in Use 

Say that one customer, Sarah, is experiencing problems with her washing machine. It isn’t draining properly, and she hasn’t been able to fix the issue through any of the methods she tried. So, as the next step, she decides to contact technical support. 

She finds the support phone number on the machine and dials it. On the other end of the phone, a support agent picks up and asks Sarah a few questions about her washer machine and the problem. Then, based on Sarah’s information, the support agent offered some possible solutions to the issue. 

One of the courses of action that the support agent recommends confuses Sarah. She’s not sure exactly how to execute the fix on her end. Here’s where remote Salesforce virtual assistant changes things. 

Rather than waiting for days or weeks for an on-site technician to show up and complete the repair, Sarah can receive immediate remote assistance to help fix the washing machine. The support agent will suggest a remote session and ask Sarah whether she wants the invite by text or email. 

Whichever option Sarah chooses, she’ll get the link almost immediately. Once she clicks on it, it will open a browser on her mobile device and start the virtual remote assistant session. The support agent will then direct Sarah to capture the issue using the camera on the back of her phone. 

If the support agent can diagnose the issue based on the video, they will offer verbal instructions to guide Sarah through fixing the issue. These targeted directions will also appear in step-by-step form with annotations on the mobile screen for added clarity. 

In most cases, Sarah can follow these clear instructions and solve the problem with her machine without ever needing an in-person support technician. Instead, the support agent on the phone will label her case solved and close it. Sarah will then be yet another happy customer after having the help of a Salesforce virtual assistant. 

Sometimes, the virtual assistant isn’t enough to solve the problem. In that case, they’ll schedule an in-person visit. The remote virtual assistant will still be there to help during the on-site visit if necessary, though, which offers an added layer of support. 

Why Use Salesforce Virtual Assistant? 

Even as many businesses roll back pandemic-era safety precautions, many customers (and employees) have remaining safety concerns. It’s a new age, and the demand for in-person support services is consistently shrinking. At the same time, customers still want their customer service and support to be quick and easy. 

Salesforce virtual assistant is a way to tackle both those issues simultaneously. As a result, you’ll be able to accelerate your response time while bringing down the need for in-person service. In addition, customers and workers will feel safer because there won’t be as many on-site service visits. 

Those aren’t the only advantages of using Salesforce virtual assistant but sustainability. Customers increasingly value sustainability and eco-friendly measures taken by businesses. For example, reducing the number of service visits will reduce the amount of emissions your company is responsible for. Also, having fewer trucks on the road is better for everyone. 

Using visual remote assistant can also help your business attract and retain top talent. Service technicians may choose to leave a company or even the industry entirely due to unsafe working conditions and travel requirements. These technicians can avoid those hazards by working as remote virtual assistants instead. They still get to use their skills and help customers, just in a way that doesn’t require them to go on-site. 

Why Cirrius Solutions? 

Cirrius Solutions is highly experienced in helping customers take advantage of the unique opportunities that Salesforce provides, including Salesforce virtual assistant. Our Visual Remote Assistant team will take a hands-on approach to provide customer assistance via screen-sharing/video support to enable service or support from anywhere, anytime — without needing to send a tech on site. To learn more about how Cirrius Solutions can help you make the most of your Salesforce investment, please contact us.