Clutch Recognizes Cirrius Solutions as a Top Salesforce CRM Development Firm in Minneapolis due to its superior customer satisfaction ratings.  Cirrius is ranked #1 and continues to lead the way in Salesforce CRM innovations.


Top Salesforce CRM Development Firm

Top Salesforce CRM Development Firm

For competitive swimmers, the difference between a shaved head and an unkempt noggin can spell the difference between first and second place. Speed matters. Businesses cannot afford to spend excessive amounts of time with software development, especially when competitors are looking to shave off a bit of time to win out. At Cirrius Solutions, we understand the complexities of driving sales, approaching customers, and software consulting, with speed and accuracy. The B2B ratings and review site, Clutch, equips companies with information about potential clients to facilitate transparent and productive business relationships. Based in Washington, D.C., Clutch consolidates thorough market insights on companies throughout the world via extensive research criteria, customer testimonials, and case studies.

Thanks to our team and especially our satisfied partners, Clutch recently identified Cirrius Solutions as one of the top software developers in Minneapolis! Clutch aids its ranking system with customer testimony to get a clear picture of businesses. Luckily, we have excellent and satisfied customers, and their reviews were spectacular representations of our company culture. The wide-spanning reviews touched on a diverse range of aspects of Cirrius. Of particular note to our partners were our creative process and personalized work relationships.

Our acknowledgment among premier custom software development companies in Minneapolis on Clutch and their sister site, The Manifest, helps set us apart from a hectic field of software developers. A Senior CRM Analyst explained to Clutch why Cirrius Solutions stands out as the Top Salesforce CRM Development Firm.

“A part of the confines in working with a larger organization is the administration overhead. We work with requirements documents that may not be the industry standard, but Cirrius Solutions has been willing to handle them instead of bringing in their own approach. Cirrius Solutions has been good at reaching out on the technical and business side, which is important for Salesforce. Cirrius Solutions needed to understand what the users are doing, and what we need to obtain from this on the backend.” – Senior CRM Analyst, Global Tech Firm

A Senior Product Manager echoed a similar message, highlighting the independence and skills of the Cirrius team.

“I work with a few different vendors for various types of work. I use Cirrius Solutions for projects in which I don’t want to closely manage decisions, set expectations, and so on. Most of Cirrius Solutions’ team is able to work independently, with no handholding. Another area for which I use Cirrius Solutions is Apex source code changes. I don’t have to worry one single bit that Cirrius Solutions will make a mistake. The code impacts our security model, which is something to be scared of when making changes. I know that Cirrius Solutions employs the best coders, who will be able to figure out exactly what’s happening. Having developers test their own work was an important topic of discussion for us, initially. Cirrius Solutions excels on this front.” – Senior Product Manager, Radio Station

With over 20 years of experience, we have differentiated ourselves from the rest. Hundreds of client projects, big and small, in everything from high-tech, finance, and healthcare, to distribution and retail demonstrate our dynamic and ranging skillsets. Software development is a minefield for some businesses. But with the correct assistance, online platforms will assist businesses, not slow them down. With helpful and encouraging client feedback provided by Clutch, we look forward to further refining our process and completing future projects with our cherished clients!