We’ve helped a lot of small businesses start their email marketing programs with Salesforce Marketing Cloud.  In today’s market, it is critical that you are able to not only reach your customers where they listen best but also to personalize the message to drive results.

There are multiple channels to listen and engage with customers such as email, social, web, and mobile.  The most successful companies have learned how to automate and manage campaigns, publish content, analyze the results, and optimize quickly. The Salesforce Marketing Cloud connects all of these mediums with the world’s leading CRM platform.

Below are five Great Email Marking Tips

1. For quicker sends, create a pre-approved list of users and organize the by customer type. Store and share pre-approved assets, and set custom approval rules to help teams build engaging emails and campaigns quickly.

2. Add intelligence to every email! Place relevant content in emails based on customer behavior and attributes. Even if your personalization tactics aren’t the most sophisticated yet, try adding at least one personalized element to every message.

3. Adopt a mobile-first mindset. More than 50% of all emails are now opened on mobile devices — and consumers will delete or unsubscribe if your emails don’t work on mobile. Create custom templates that make emails look great on mobile devices, where the majority of email subscribers check their messages. I’m telling you this is very important and most companies are missing it.

4. Stay flexible and keep an eye on the data. If something isn’t converting the way you’d hoped, a link or list could be the problem. Successful email marketing campaigns need to be continuously monitored and adjusted.

5. Update your preference center. A robust preference center allows your subscribers to decide which emails they receive, and when. Offer plenty of options so you’re not over-communicating and losing subscribers. Do not over communicate with your audience and/or provide irrelevant information.

Our team of Salesforce Marketing Cloud experts are eager to help you accomplish your goals faster and drive results with using campaign management within Salesforce.com.  We’ll help you plan and execute compelling multichannel digital campaigns, streamline and automate operations, and design innovative strategies for future marketing initiatives.