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About Chad Anderson

Chad is the founder of Cirrius Solutions and is passionate about Salesforce and his customers. He is a leader who is keenly focused on bringing innovative solutions to life for his clients.

Cirrius Solutions: Serious About

We’ve been assisting customers of all sizes around the world since 2009. Our team has worked with reputable brands like Thomson Reuters and Edelman as well as smaller, specialized companies. Our clients have long recognized us for our exceptional service and well-focused solutions. We’ve also been recognized by, a B2B ratings and reviews company [...]

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Salesforce Marketing Cloud – Top 5 Email Marketing Tips

We’ve helped a lot of small businesses start their email marketing programs with Salesforce Marketing Cloud.  In today's market, it is critical that you are able to not only reach your customers where they listen best but also to personalize the message to drive results. There are multiple channels to listen and engage with customers [...]

Salesforce Automation – How to Select the Right Tool

Salesforce automation just got easier! Process workflow development that would normally take weeks to code can now be accomplished in minutes with the new point & click tools. This blog will describe and compare the different options for automating business processes in Salesforce. With Salesforce automation tools you can now automate everything from daily tasks [...]

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Salesforce Development Best Practices

Cirrius Solutions strongly believes in leveraging proven standards and Salesforce development best practices whenever possible to help ensure successful engagements with our clients.  We have authored a number of specific guidelines in the areas of Environments, Configuration, Advanced Development and Release Management. I work closely with our clients to share this information and customize [...]

Top 5 Salesforce Implementation Mistakes

What did you learn from your Salesforce Implementation?  Many of our clients engage us after a failed implementation that was implemented with little or no consideration given to how sales reps will use the system or how it could be configured to deliver the kind of value that would encourage end users to get excited. [...]

How to select the Best Salesforce Consultant for your Implementation

Choosing the best Salesforce consultant for your Salesforce implementation may not be as straightforward as you think.  In my opinion, experience really does matter!  We have lots of customers that reach out to us because other firms were not able to complete the mission.  Customers are sold by a senior Salesforce consultant only to get [...]

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What is the best Salesforce CPQ Tool for your Quote to Cash Process?

What is the best Quote to Cash (CPQ) Tool for Salesforce? Our Salesforce consultants are often asked what is the best quoting tools in Salesforce.  There are multiple options including standard Salesforce and Configure Price Quote (CPQ) solutions.  They both have pros and cons so your specific situation will need to be evaluated for the [...]

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Cirrius Solutions awarded Silver Partner status

Cirrius Solutions has just been promoted to become a Silver Partner by The newly recognized status is a combination of growth from year to year, expertise on the platform through certifications and specialization, as well as surveys taken directly from customers regarding exceptional performance. “This is a huge step for our organization and shows [...]

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Need a Starting Point For Your Salesforce to Oracle integration?

There are several considerations that should be considered for a Salesforce to Oracle integration.  The project I am currently working on requires customer service agents to be on both Oracle and Salesforce concurrently.   This requires the use of a real-time approach to ensure that all information is immediately available to all agents throughout the organization. [...]

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Salesforce Spring 14 – Top Service Enhancements.

There are a number of new Salesforce Service enhancements that we really like in the Spring 14 release.  These will add much needed flexibility and customization to make the end user support experience much better.  Below are just a few of our favorite features.  See the Spring 14 release note for all new enhancements. 1.  Knowledge [...]

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