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Chad is the founder of Cirrius Solutions and is passionate about Salesforce and his customers. He is a leader who is keenly focused on bringing innovative solutions to life for his clients.

What is the best Salesforce CPQ Tool for your Quote to Cash Process?

What is the best Quote to Cash (CPQ) Tool for Salesforce? Our Salesforce consultants are often asked what is the best quoting tools in Salesforce.  There are multiple options including standard Salesforce and Configure Price Quote (CPQ) solutions.  They both have pros and cons so your specific situation will need to be evaluated for the [...]

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Cirrius Solutions awarded Silver Partner status

Cirrius Solutions has just been promoted to become a Silver Partner by The newly recognized status is a combination of growth from year to year, expertise on the platform through certifications and specialization, as well as surveys taken directly from customers regarding exceptional performance. “This is a huge step for our organization and shows [...]

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Need a Starting Point For Your Salesforce to Oracle integration?

There are several considerations that should be considered for a Salesforce to Oracle integration.  The project I am currently working on requires customer service agents to be on both Oracle and Salesforce concurrently.   This requires the use of a real-time approach to ensure that all information is immediately available to all agents throughout the organization. [...]

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Salesforce Spring 14 – Top Service Enhancements.

There are a number of new Salesforce Service enhancements that we really like in the Spring 14 release.  These will add much needed flexibility and customization to make the end user support experience much better.  Below are just a few of our favorite features.  See the Spring 14 release note for all new enhancements. 1.  Knowledge [...]

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Salesforce Data Migration – How Much Testing is Enough?

One question we commonly get from our clients using is “how much testing is needed for our data migration effort”.   This can be different in every situation and is dependent on several factors.  Compliance, industry regulations, number of users and business risk play a significant role in determining the amount of testing needed for [...]

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15 Best Enhancements In Winter 14

Understanding the latest enhancements is critical to get the most value for your organization. Below are the changes that the Winter 14 release of that we at Cirrius Solutions think sales management should be aware of or might want to leverage. We are most excited about the enhancements to Analytics and the introduction [...]

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Is Your Organization Fully Utilizing the Salesforce Approval Process?

We have many clients who couldn't make sense of all the documentation surrounding the Salesforce Approval process.  Below are some simple steps to follow while creating an approval process. An approval process is an automated process your organization can use to approve records in Salesforce. An approval process specifies the steps necessary for a record to [...]

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Salesforce Person Accounts – Are They Really A Viable Solution?

The number one question I hear when dealing with clients have both business and consumer data to Salesforce is, “Should we turn on Salesforce Person Accounts, we heard this was risky?” There isn’t a perfect solution to the problem, but we have worked with the Salesforce product managers to address our concerns and successfully rolled [...]

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Is Your Salesforce Healthcare Data HIPAA Compliant?

The reach of Information Technology has extended in most of the domains and fields of human intervention, ranging from Automation to Weather Forecast. But one of the most important fields where IT has created a revolution is Medicine. Technology has certainly defined the narrow line of control between life and death by improving the quality [...]

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